Chateau Fine Homes is passionately driven and renowned as one of Oklahoma’s top boutique builders, specializing in the construction of high quality new homes within the metro and surrounding areas of Oklahoma. We strive to be recognized as the builder of distinctive, quality constructed homes that are the result of a mutually rewarding process and embody every requirement of our discerning clients.

Our team is highly skilled and motivated. Our management team has nearly a century of combined building and construction experience in the housing industry. Experience combined with qualification means that Chateau Fine Homes is able to enjoy good relationships with subcontractors and at the same time satisfy the demands of discerning owners and developers.

We work with clients throughout the project while helping to minimize unforeseen issues, working in a safe environment and committing to exceeding client expectations through innovative solutions. We also have spec homes in various stages of completion that can be purchased and customized as we go. If you have a project in mind, we would love to work alongside you to see it come to completion.


Chateau Fine Homes' is passionate about the quality in their projects and believe that every home we build should be a home that we would be proud to live in. Our supervisors are in control of every aspect of each of their projects, from scheduling to liaising with clients and suppliers… we are never more than a phone call away.

Chateau Fine Homes is a design driven company dedicated to ensuring that each aspect of the building process contributes to create the desired outcome in all projects undertaken.

Chateau Fine Homes' philosophy is to maintain integrity, quality and unique character of each home we create. Even though floor plans may be similar, there are always specialized amenities that make them stand out from the rest. Express your creativity and individuality within one of Chateau Fine Homes’ existing designs or use the complete design service to custom design and build to your own specifications.